Business Solutions

Radar Gloves presents 3 key offerings that can make a significant difference to your organisation’s bottom line:

1. Online Glove Assessment Services

Our online assessment services can increase the number and profile of potential customers (SMEs & large accounts) and maximise the professional level of service you provide.

Once you have the customer, you need support maintenance.  Many companies send out salespeople on a regular basis to troubleshoot problems. This takes valuable time that can be counter-productive to customers getting the answers they need right away.

Our online services can be tailored to provide a secure and customised location for your key clients to use the online assessment services in a "VIP" zone.  Assessments and reports can be generated in multiple languages and branded to your specs allowing for consistency of company collateral across the board.

Just tell us who is permitted to gain access to your information and we will take care of the rest.


2. Telesales services

Telesales services provide the knowledge and power to your internal sales team to enter your clients’ requirements. Just press “search” and within seconds the most relevant products are listed and supported by report generation which can be emailed to your customer immediately.


3. Industry mapping/ Cross-reference

If you have clients asking about alternative products already in the market, look no further than another Radar timesaver: our industry cross-reference database that includes all the main manufacturers and key distributors.

Benefits to all our services:

  • Consistency and suitability of product recommendations using our 5-star rating and our unique Radar chart
  • Ability to capture and store your customer(s) needs centrally helping you to understand their needs, gaps in the market and where your business is heading
  • Professional, quick, easy and cost-effective

If you have a business development opportunity not mentioned or need more information, please email us at