What can you expect?

Radar Gloves is the first independent search engine designed to make safety glove selection easier, faster and more reliable.  We do not sell gloves but we provide you with the expertise to make an informed choice based on known EN standards for performance and comfort criteria. 

Injuries to hands and fingers account for more than a quarter of all industrial accidents   Unquestionably then, gloves must be chosen and used properly to protect the wearer. 

£30 million alone is spent annually in the United Kingdom for the protection of workers who must wear gloves.  With the UK being at the forefront of protective glove design and innovation, there are hundreds if not thousands of products available in the marketplace.

Our service provides you with an essential tool to achieve the delicate balance between comfort, performance, and protection for your specific needs and to compare the most relevant results from the key branded manufacturers and distributors within your region.

How can we help?

At Radar Gloves, we continually evaluate the products available in the marketplace. Each is assessed using a range of tests including the classic methods of cut and abrasion, before being subjected to in-house designed tests that qualify and quantify comfort. A panel of industry experts then reviews all the test data prior to it being entered into our system.

How are the results presented to you?

To help you make an informed choice, we have developed a unique “Radar chart” which allows you to evaluate how well your selected criteria are met by the resulting products. This chart, in turn, is supported by a 5-star rating system for comparison purposes.

The guide for the ratings is as follows:

   Very good
   Not recommended

Only products achieving a minimum 3-star rating or more will appear in your search results.

Our promise:

  • We are committed to finding you the right product(s) based on your specific criteria with a quick and easy to use search engine.
  • We regularly evolve our product and service offers to save you time and money.
  • We present independent and unbiased product comparisons.
  • We put our customers first and your feedback is always welcome.